Beauty ritual for the skin – MONTEIL – highly effective ampoules

MONTEIL - the professional institute cosmetics - offers highly effective ampoules and serums, as well as special products for different skin needs for the home.

The "Solutions Régénérant Nuit Sérum" by MONTEIL is lovingly called "Good Night Ampoule". 3 drops under normal care are enough to help the skin regenerate overnight. The stressed skin is soothed, moisture depot filled and the skin relaxed.

The refreshing "Solutions Ampoule Réveil" by MONTEIL is rightly called the "Good morning ampoule". A few drops below normal care are sufficient to let tiredness disappear quickly. The blood flow is stimulated by caffeine, the skin is tightened and the complexion radiates.

The concentrated products are ideal as an addition to any skin care series or as a treatment for the extra kick.

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