Finest Soaps & Eau de Cologne - CLAUS PORTO SPANIEN

The sets includes:

CLAUS PORTO Agua de Colonia 125ml
CLAUS PORTO Luxusseife 150g

The first Portuguese factory for the production of soaps and perfumes was founded in 1887 by two German chemists, in Portugal, and is now family-owned in the 4th generation.

The exclusive soaps and fragrances from Claus Porto which will be made from natural, purely vegetable ingredients, have a long tradition, without losing their actuality. They go through a 2 to 3-week maturation process and seven grinding operations until they come into the trade, packed in loving handwork.

With the Agua de Colonia collection Claus Porto presents six new unisex fragrances with an exciting past and the modern time.

CLAUS PORTO Agua de Colonia No 1 Bergamot & Vetiver – floral; In this classic still timeless fresh fragrance, you will find tangerine, bergamot, patchouli, jasmine and musk.

CLAUS PORTO Agua de Colonia No 2 Oriental Bloom – floral; Jasmine, the warmth of the amber, tuberose and vanilla create a seductive and fresh scent.

CLAUS PORTO Agua de Colonia No 3 Arabian Wood – oriental; A fascinating, seductive blend of poppy and redcurrant.

CLAUS PORTO Agua de Colonia No 4 Spermint Tea – fresh; Refreshing mint meets fruity blackberry and orange blossom and is rounded off with tarragon and moss.

CLAUS PORTO Agua de Colonia No 5 Gerandium Sandalwood – woody; Geranium, bergamot and ylang-ylang meet cinnamon, rose, sandalwood and vanilla to present a sweet, woody, sensual scent.

CLAUS PORTO Agua de Colonia No 6 Luxurios Ebony – woody; This fragrance offers an exotic journey with cedar, saffron, ginger and mint. A spicy, woody scent composition.

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