Innovative anti-aging formula - MESOESTETIC - Radiance DNA

MESOESTETIC - a brand, from Barcelona, who thrilled in the high-tech cosmetics world their fan community. The latest findings in biotechnology and nanotechnology flow into the development and thus into the different care series. All products for the treatment or after-treatment of your skin can be obtained here at the Anadore Online-Shop.

The innovative anti-aging line of Mesoestetic is the "RADIANCE DNA". It relies on the [meso] recovery complex®, which has been researched and developed by the company itself. An active ingredient combination, which is unique in cosmetics. This patented active ingredient complex contains active substances that repair the skin, protect it from environmental damage and fight free radicals due to its antioxidant effect.

The scientists have succeeded in encapsulating this active substance complex and reducing it to nanobase. Thus, these molecules have the ability to reach deeper skin layers and repair existing damage in place.

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