21 Trans-Dermal Fruity Pads 21 - 21 Trans-Dermal Vegan Skin Care made in Germany


The intensive depth cleansing „Fruity Peel Pads 21“ by 21 Trans-Dermal ensures a lasting improvement of the skin picture as well as various skin conditions such as acne, sun damage, rough skin, etc. Collagen production will be stimulated and the skin's moisture storage will be improved. Dead skin cells will be removed and the cell growth will be stimulated. Fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced by regular application.

We classify 3 types of facial peel:

The "normal facial peel" - that everyone knows. Depending on the strength of the grit, the peel feels gentle or coarse. However, the actions are the same. The circling movement during the application, removes dead skin cells and minimizes rough skin.

Enzympeeling - The gentle alternative to the "normal peel". Enzymes dissolve the dead skin cells and thus ensure a better absorption of the following products.

Fruity peel - The higher the concentration, the deeper the peeling get into the lower skin layers. The substance between the skin cells will be loosened, the production of collagen fibers will be activated and cell growth will be stimulated. The pH-value for home use is about 3-3,5. This peeling is suitable for acne skin, scars, fine wrinkles, etc. Visible results are apparent after a longer treatment period.

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