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At the beginning of the 60s the dancer Maria Galland, in collaboration with a dermatologist, has laid the foundation for today's successful brand. It was her desire to receive the youthful beauty and radiance of the skin. Even today, over 40 years later, Maria Galland fills in this vision. The cosmetic products are an experience for all the senses - they streamline and maintain, protect and beautify and thus ensure greater well-being and self-confidence.

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Are you looking for cosmetic products that address the specific needs of your skin? Since every person and every skin is different, Maria Galland has developed individual care programs that exactly give the skin what it needs. Experience high quality facial and body care products which literally go under the skin and touches all the senses. You fin the entire product line of Maria Galland at the online store of Anadore Cosmetic.

Maria Galland cosmetics make skin care to a very special experience. At the Anadore online store you will find facial care products by Maria Galland that promise long-lasting, radiant beauty as well as personal care products which give you an all-around good feeling. With the special suncare products you are also optimally equipped when traveling. And with the make-up series of Maria Galland you appear both in everyday life and on special occasions always at your best.

Even for men Maria Galland has developed its own care range that meets all requirements. Homme Galland is a drug-rich cosmetics line for men, which also carries masculine scent notes about their high effectiveness and tolerability addition.

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