Valmont: Effective cellular cosmetics from Switzerland

“Valmont pushes the boundaries of cell cosmetics "- Didier Guillon. 

Valmont was the first Swiss clinic fully devoted to the health and well-being - which was a novelty in the 80s. The clinic received high-profile guests while simultaneously developing treatments for revitalizing the skin. Leading cosmetologists selected, by virtue of their clinical experience treasure, the most active and most suitable for the regeneration of the skin molecules such as HP DNA and native collagen, and thus laid the foundation for Valmont cellular cosmetics. It cosmetic products have been developed to support the regeneration of the skin after a beauty surgery and to achieve long-term, visible results.

Although clinic and cosmetics are now two separate areas, Valmont continues the Swiss medical tradition. Unlike most cosmetic companies Valmont enjoys the privilege of being a family company which is headed by Didier Guillon and Sophie Vann Guillon. Both share the same vision regarding cosmetics and beauty, and both strive to offer innovative care products in top quality.

With great care Valmont selects the ingredients from their inimitable properties for beautifying the skin. Spring water from the Swiss glaciers and pure plant extracts from the Phyto-Alpine Garden are the major components of the innovations of Valmont in service of youthful skin.

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