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D.L.&C Le Petite Pomme Vert. Candle 0.75oz



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D.L.&C  Le Petite Pomme Vert. Candle

A brass enameled green apple sculpture filled with the crisp and verdant apple fragrance.
The clean bouquet consists of sharp, bright notes, partially hitten by its lush, verdant interior.
Like first blooms of the sping the apple’s crisp scent foretells the sweet surrender to come.

How to useInstructions for scented candles Remove the cap and hold the candle when lighting horizontally. Light the candle is cold when awake. To delete the candle flame, use a lid or a candle snuffer to prevent smoke. Do not blow out! Never let candles unattended in the room. Keep candles out of curtains, fabrics or other flammable materials. Be careful, the glass heats up during firing. Do you have the glass high immediately after the deletion. If the glass is damaged, you should no longer use the candle. After a burn time of five hours, extinguish the candle and push the wick in the middle of a longer and more uniform burn time guarantee. Cut after each use, in the cool wakefulness, the wick. Use for scissors. Remove after trimming any residue that may remain in the glass. To guarantee an optimal burning, the Visible wick should be about 1 cm. Avoid too large a flame, by a too short wick. Proper care is the guarantor for an optimum burning of the candle.
Product Quantity21,31 ml
Product TypePerfumed Candle
Delivery time2-3 Day (DE)*
** Whichever is the declaration on the packaging.

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D.L.&C Le Petite Pomme Vert. Candle 0.75oz

D.L.&C Le Petite Pomme Vert. Candle 0.75oz


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